• Tashon Phoenix

The Fire I Created

The process began in flames

Ignited by a dead name

A skin shed like tears

Mourning flesh they’d

Developed an attachment to

Detached, removed with top surgery

A double mastectomy

To affirm my identity

External entities

Clung to the fat like

Blood vessels

Floating on the notion

I was an island in their ocean

Unaware they have yet

To have discovered the deepest

Parts of me

Too bright to see

To hot to touch

Burn like books

With my ghost’s inscription

This is a benediction

The journey that begins in flames

Transforming the burdens into blessings

Stripped down to the root

Shock and aww to the chakras

Tired of filling cracks

I built a new foundation

I found safety and stability within myself

free of shattered dreams and scattered puzzle pieces

Spreading seeds of anxiety and fear like dandelions

Clawing up to my sacral

Pull the thorns of trauma that festers

Out and clean the wound

Flames licking them clean

Cauterized and hypnotized

With sedatives

Gloved hands rose like solar panels

Scraping my plexus with scalpels

Shining bright lights and tracing marked lines

At the base of my chest lifting my self-esteem

Morphing my dysphoria into euphoria

Leading me to a world of Pronoia

Where everything is working out for me

Where I am confident and comfortable

To open my heart

Once soldered back together

Like a tin man with a mouth rid of scarecrow

Freed from the nest in my throat

Suffocating, stunting my growth

Allowing me to recognize the person in the mirror

Clearing my vision

Blurry at first

Once blinded by bandages

Eyes aided by vests

Compressed like my composure

As I acclimate

Straighten my posture to elevate

To contact and connect with my higher

Self like tissue

The source of the issue

Separating from parts myself to be complete

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