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Life Is A Dance

Updated: Feb 8

Life is a dance

She is not my god

The first to see me

In my bloody birthday suit

She saw a pink and blue primrose punk

That she could whisk away

Adjusting her dress

Like a facade she wore

With confidence

Dipped and draped with frost

Her touch was ice cold

On my red skin

As I screamed taking my first breath

Of fresh air

She tasted like peppermint

A candy cane hanging from

The tree of life

Thy Queendom come

Thy will be done once satisfied

By the sacrifice

I surrender to no one

Life is not my master

I choose who I become

So we learn the language

Of compromise

Her erotic tongue an elixir

To stir up my feelings as I'm healing

From the wounds inflicted by

Radioactive audio

There were no angels in that city

Only corpses

She gripped my hand

Led me to the center of the floor

Hand on chest, sliced with scalpel and scorn

Cut away skin and tissue, pulled out my heart

Polished it with spit and the salt of my tears

Until it gleamed like an emerald

Tapped it to test that it was as solid as gold

Then hung it from the ceiling

Like a disco ball

I see how my light shines

I see how the pain was necessary

I have moved into a life of gratitude

I am grateful for another opportunity to

Get it right

I surrender to the universe

I listen with eager ears

I feel with my entire being

I bare the truth

Let it flow like water

As we spin and twirl

I place my hand on her back

Her fingers brush the nape of my neck

Just light enough that I can feel her nails

As if to let me know

She could scrape and scratch

But chooses to be gentle

I embrace the unknown as I look into her eyes

I walk into the unseen behind eyelids

Trusting that I will be supported

Knowing that everything's gonna be alright

And dance

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