• Tashon Phoenix

If I Were A Butterfly

If I were a butterfly

Would you want to kiss me Would you think of me when you get a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach

If I were a butterfly Would you follow me with your gaze As I fluttered throughout my days Would you wonder how each flower tasted Would you wonder if I savor their sweet nectar Or if I long to land on your lush petals for a sensory experience So transformational my wings would blush My blue hues would shine purple - ultraviolet like a plum As you bite your thumb

Don't hold your tongue any tighter The knots that you twist can't count the number of times you miss me

If I were a butterfly Would you trap me in a net Or simply sit and be with me to live out our days in the garden Would you lure me in with your light and feminine fragrance Would you guide me to the base of your flower

If I were a butterfly I'd see you through 6000 lenses 6000 ways of beautiful compound into 1 being My antenna tuned to your frequency On Air - On high as I rest my thorax on your blossom After drinking you in Your pollen coating me down to my abdomen

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