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Doing It Scared

Updated: Feb 8

Knowing that you can fall Trusting that you'll fly Risking it all That's faith That's why your gull is optimal for adventure Crash into the realization you're limitless and infuse yourself with fear Become the steady pace Find your rhythm as you swing from trees like hips colliding to consummate the Union Between you and your higher self Inhale the gorilla glue That sticks us together Like saliva sealed to smoke Burn like fire Fill my lungs as they echo cries of mourning Like church hymns Hallelujah We lived and left our birth mark On a cheek that Resembles your youth As time slips through fingers As the sun pours through the trees when the day is done A child will rise like the moon To Illuminate the darkness Left by your absence No one can replace your spirit But they can hope to shine Just as bright Reaching into the gut of the galaxy To excavate the bones of ancestors Red and blue stars Gleaming like gems Shooting blessings across the sky within your mind All in a matter seconds when thoughts collide

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