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Coffee's Ready & So Am I

Updated: Feb 8

Wake up before the sun Say my gratitudes and affirmations Tune into my center station Coast is clear as I cleanse my energy Make my Peruvian coffee - all drip no filter I don't need electricity The power is within me As I wait I dance in boxer briefs With the thief of time And smile all the while It's going to be a beautiful day I can tell by the way I'm feeling I can tell because I know There's power in knowing There's magic in me And this mystic that wonders How realistic it is to stick to the basics Is it sadistic to want to try in a world of more And not enough I remain optimistic even with a pessimistic cloud Outside the window whispering in the wind How absurd it'd be in cursive words strung together Like Friendship bracelets with loose knots Fickle fears tickle my ears As I release my tongue and Bombastic letters with sharp diction riddle the air Like pulp fiction I don't like my love language filtered Flic a bic It's a wake n bake If you're lit let's get turnt Like the page of a dictionary What does this mean Racing thoughts and fingers Waiting for coffee Beautiful black liquid Let me lick your energy up No tricks or travesties this morning I want victory I want valor I want to devour you in the shower I got distracted Coffee's ready And so am I

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