Artist & Poet


Born in Tucson, AZ, Mindstateless is Tashon Phoenix (they,them,theirs), a mixed Black Non-Binary Transmasculine Creative and Spoken Word Poet. They moved to Oregon from Nebraska in their Jeep, Fall of 2020 with their cat, Otto, and dog, Bentley - embarking on a new path shortly after their gender affirmation. Always an artist - painting and drawing, it was their 8th grade English teacher that first encouraged them to write when their passion for poetry was ignited. A fire snuffed out in their late teens by the church, depression, and life events. They've since focused on work which has included employment in grocery services, phone support, store management, and business development. Nearly a decade later in 2021 a match was again struck. Beginning with writing words of gratitude and affirmation, they have shared their story in the form of poetry, in panelist discussions, and as a featured speaker. You can stream their poem Now Playing on Apple, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube Music.


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